• How Much Weight Can an Obese Person Lose?

    by Myrtle Goore, MD
    on Aug 29th, 2016

How Much Weight Can an Obese Person Lose?

In the Advanced Physicians Weight Management, patients are expected to lose two pounds a week on average. However, obese patients with a great deal of excess weight may lose even more than that as they start their new healthy lifestyle. While weight loss may plateau after the initial fast drop, your weight will always continue to drop as long as you are dedicated to getting healthy and losing weight. The bottom line is that if you stick to a medical weight loss program consistently, there is every reason to expect consistent and steady weight loss until you reach your goal weight. Some people hit a plateau and despondent, reverting to old habits.  This common problem is addressed at our program to  minimize the number and duration of  plateaus

Author Myrtle Goore, MD

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