• Your BMI Number Doesn't Tell You Everything You Need to Know

    by Myrtle Goore, MD
    on Aug 29th, 2016

The Body Mass Index or BMI is a rough estimate of a person's body fat.  The formula uses your height and weight and produces a number which puts you in a category of underweight (less than 19), normal weight (20-24.9) overweight (25-29.9) and obese (30 and above).  At Advanced Physicians Weight Management we use multiple tools to determine how much excess fat you are carrying and we measure your pounds of  fat loss for pounds and not water weight loss or lean body loss. BMI does not tell you whether you are overweight or obese because of excess fat or extra muscle as in a body builder who has a BMI of 30 but his body fat percentage is actually only 11.

Author Myrtle Goore, MD

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