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Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects many Montgomery, AL residents. Weight management is one of the best methods to prevent and control diabetes. Advanced Physicians Weight Management in Montgomery, AL, tests and/or helps manage diabetes.

Diabetes Q &A

Advanced Physicians Weight Management

What Are The Warning Signs of Diabetes?

There are several warning signs that indicate diabetes may be present. Excessive thirst, excessive frequency of urination, blurry vision, numbness in the feet, and cuts or sores that are unusually slow to heal, recurrent yeast infections are all early indicators of diabetes. If any of these signs are noted, it is best to see the doctor as soon as possible to get glucose testing and the necessary help.

What is the Doctor's Role in Diabetes Management?

The first thing to understand about diabetes management is that it is a lifetime commitment. Weight control is usually one of the first  treatments prescribed by physicians.  Patients should always have a primary care physician that they can rely upon to help them with a proper medication regimen, and with answering questions and concerns. The primary care physician often does not have the time to help patients with the very treatment that would most benefit the control of the diabetes-weight loss.

How Can Diabetes Be Managed Best?

Staying in control of weight is extremely helpful in managing diabetes. Keeping blood sugar under control will create a healthier overall feeling.Taking medications as prescribed, monitoring the blood sugar, keeping a food and activity diary are crucial to managing diabetes.  At Advanced Physicians Weight Management strongly urge everyone, whether diabetic or not, to monitor and measure this.

Can Exercise Help With Diabetes?

Exercise is one of the most essential components of a diabetes management plan. Not only does exercise enable people to lose excess weight, but it also helps control blood sugar. Ideally, patients with diabetes should aim for half an hour of aerobic activity per day, five days a week, in addition to some resistance exercises as well as stretching. In our program, we take into consideration each person’s abilities, preferences and needs when prescribing activities.  We also teach proper technique and safety considerations.

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