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The vegan diet and the vegan lifestyle is unique. While it is possible to be healthy and even lose weight on a vegan diet, it can be challenging. This diet requires medical supervision with an experienced doctor like Dr. Goore at Advanced Physicians Weight Management in Montgomery, AL.

Vegan Diet Q & A

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What is the Vegan Diet?

The Vegan diet is a type of vegetarian diet. While vegetarians eat a plant based diet that avoids animal meat, a vegan takes that a step further. Vegans, in addition to being a vegetarian, do not eat any by-products from an animal, such as eggs, dairy products, and honey.

Why is the Vegan Diet Healthy?

The Vegan diet can be very healthy because it is quite low in saturated fat. The majority of plant-based foods have no cholesterol or almost no cholesterol. This diet is also typically quite high in healthy fiber. The bulk of plant-based foods have essential vitamins that aid in good health. 

Can You Lose Weight on The Vegan Diet?

Yes, it is quite possible to lose weight on the vegan diet. Many vegans naturally consume fewer calories than non-vegans because the foods they eat tend to be far lower in calories than the foods that non-vegans eat. Losing weight on the vegan diet is something that should only be attempted with the help of a doctor, however. Since certain vitamins such as B12 and elements such as iron are more naturally present in animal foods, Dr. Goore will monitor intake levels to ensure no deficiencies are present or arise.  Also, while there are plenty of good and healthy foods that a vegan can eat for weight loss, there is also a wide range of vegan "junk food" available that will do nothing to aid in weight loss.

What is the Difference in the Vegan Diet and the Vegan Lifestyle?

The Vegan diet is something that anyone can follow, regardless of their personal beliefs or philosophies. People who are very passionate about animal protection may choose to live a vegan lifestyle. This generally means that not only do they avoid eating all animal products, but also that they avoid wearing or using animal products like leather.

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