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The Advanced Physicians Weight Management team is here to help Montgomery, AL patients who want sustainable weight loss and effective lifestyle improvements. Natural, non-surgical weight loss along with improvement to your overall well-being is possible with an individualized, functional medicine approach.

Weight Loss Q & A

Advanced Physicians Weight Management

Why Consult Dr. Goore for Weight Loss?

Dr. Goore specializes in bariatric medicine, a specialty of medicine that treats obesity using a comprehensive and functional approach. This means that total health is evaluated and the weight loss program is individualized.  Advanced Physicians Weight Management utilizes the results of a physical examination, laboratory results,  medical research, nutritional supplements, support by experts in nutrition, behavior modification, and personal training. Advanced Physicians Weight Management is one of the few weight loss programs incorporating functional medicine principles in Alabama.

What is the Healthiest Way to Lose Weight?

At Advanced Physicians Weight Management, our goal is to help patients lose weight in the healthiest most non-invasive methods available. This means non-surgical weight loss that is closely supervised by a doctor. Prescription medications and nutritional supplements can be part of a natural weight loss program, but they must be used judiciously and effectively.  Our goal is to assist your body in healing itself. Losing excess metabolic fat is key to this process.

How Much Weight Can Patients Expect to Lose?

While weight loss can vary from one person to another, we generally expect patients to lose about one to two pounds per week on average. Equally as important is that our patients learn the nutrition, activity, and behaviors which will keep the weight off once they reach their goal. This commitment is on-going and is a unique part of our program.

What Types of Products Are Helpful in Losing Weight Naturally?

Advanced Physicians Weight Management offers several different products to help patients during their weight loss journey. A few examples are New Direction shakes, which can be excellent meal replacements that leave you feeling full. Breakfast bars from New Direction and HealthWise are also very popular options. We also use nutraceutical products from other highly reputable companies such as Robard and Legere. Based upon individual goals, reports, and measurements, we may recommend supplements.  We recommend only superior supplements which have exceeded FDA guidelines.  We strongly adhere to teaching easy-to-prepare foods and snacks because supplements are an adjunct to a nutritional plan.

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